Wednesday, November 26, 2014

3 Idiots : Live to Love, Live to Learn

The fact is, 3 Idiots isn't really a flawless film but I consider it perfectly wonderful as it is. It has become my go-to film when I am feeling depressed and lost. It's also my go-to film when I just want to get entertained. Heaven knows it offers plenty of laughs.

At first, I admittedly got confused because Rancho (Aamir Khan) appeared too old to be a college kid and then sometimes appeared just right. Turns out, he was too old (which was why he said he kept refusing to do the film in the first place, until director Rajkumar Hirani was able to convince him) at 44. And this was my first Bollywood film so I had no idea who he was and what could have motivated them to choose him for the role.

Still, I think the movie was perfectly cast. Each celebrity OWNED their characters so much so that I cannot imagine anyone else playing them. I liked that Pia (Kareena Kapoor) wasn't overly pretty (which could have distracted from everything). I loved Raju  Rastogi (Sharman Joshi) and want to hug him, especially when he cries. And I thought Farhan Qureshi (R. Madhavan) just super endearing with his boyish smile.

Both Virus (Boman Irani) and Chatur (Omi Vaidya) also had strong characters that were well-played. I don't think you can watch 3 Idiots without also becoming a Boman Irani fan.

Absolutely no dull moment! Didn't realize it was close to 3 hours long. And yes, you may shed some tears.

But I guess what really makes this my all-time fave is the emphasis on people and relationships and the love for learning. I also like that Rancho and friends were typical young men, who were sometimes unkind, sometimes clueless, sometimes too enthusiastic for their own good. It made their characters relate-able. I also feel that most/all of the movie was genuine material, in the sense that I have seen enough Bollywood movies that borrowed heavily on other movies/shows.

My favorite scenes include:
~ Millimeter (Man Mohan) speaking the same speech Virus was delivering while ironing clothes
~ the fart poem by Chatur
~ Aal Izz Well item song
~ Rancho telling Virus he does not give up on his students (the Farhanitrate Prerajulisation scene)
~ machine and book definition
~ Mona's (Mona Singh) delivery
~ Farhan's confrontation with his father (oh, how I cry!)

I also liked Aamir's look as a weatherman in the item song Zoobi Doobi.

I think... I have seen the movie at least 15 times already. It's still the movie I recommend to friends as "the one movie they should not miss watching in this lifetime."


* English translation of Behti Hawa Sa Tha Woh... song playing in their car ride to Shimla

Free as the wind was he
Like a soaring kite was he
Where did he go... let's find him
Free as the wind was he
Like a soaring kite was he
Where did he go... let's find him

We were led by the path we took
While he carved a path of his own
Stumbling, rising, carefree walked he
We fretted about the morrow
He simply reveled in today
Living each moment to the fullest
Where did he come from...
He who touched our hearts
and vanished...
Where did he go... let's find him

In scorching Sun,
he was like a patch of shade...
In an endless desert, like an oasis...
On a bruised heart,
like soothing balm was he
Afraid, we stayed confined in the well
Fearless, he frolicked in the river
Never hesitating to swim
against the tide
He wandered lonesome as a cloud
... Yet he was our dearest friend
Where did he go... let's find him


Because of this movie, you want to stay a dreamer. You feel empowered to ask questions, shake things up, seize the day and live life to the fullest.


This movie had a kissing scene (that looked cute rather than romantic/sexy)... I will go without such for very many movies, hehe.


'Twas only recently that I discovered IDIOT stands for "I'll Do It In my Own Terms"  :)

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