Friday, November 28, 2014

Ishaqzaade : Crazy Intense

Ishaqzaade (aka "Born to Hate, Destined to Love") is a Romeo and Juliet tale set in modern day rural India, between warring clans. It's a perfect film for teens, I think, because the general feel and sound is defiant, aggressive and unrepentant.

This is the second movie that stars Arjun Kapoor (playing Parma) that I have seen (the first was "2 States") and I like how vastly different he is here... and I like how Parineeti Chopra (playing Zoya) managed to fall in love without ever appearing weak and flighty. To think she was duped by Parma and cast away by her family.

The movie was fast-paced with some really intense scenes. Actually, the movie is best described as INTENSE in one word. Or "pagal" :)

Of course, I couldn't help but raise a brow at the wedding's consummation (who makes love, or has sex, like that?) They looked more like they were freeing their feet from closed shoes after a long day's walk instead of getting sexual release. Their kissing scenes were a lot steamier!

The soundtrack was much too noisy and angry for my tastes. Still, I might just watch it again for the undeniable chemistry of the two... and the sheer helplessness I felt when their people were converging around them for the kill.

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